Si4702/03 FM ラジオ・レシーバ

Si4702/03 FM radio receivers increase the ease and attractiveness of adding FM radio reception to mobile devices through small size and board area, minimum component count, flexible programmability and superior, proven performance. The highly flexible functionality of Si4702/03 FM radio receivers caters to the subjective nature of audio preferences and variable FM broadcast environments worldwide.

Built on our Si4700/01 FM tuner architecture, Si4702/03 devices are pin-and software-compatible to existing Si4700/01 FM tuner designs. Si4702/03 ICs benefit from proven digital integration and 100% CMOS process technology, resulting in a completely integrated solution.

3 x 3 mm
Integrated LDO for
Direct connection to a battery


  • 全世界対応の FM バンドをサポート(76〜108 MHz)
  • シーク・チューニング
  • 自動周波数制御(AFC)
  • オート・ゲイン・コントロール(AGC)
  • 優れた過負荷耐久性
  • プログラム可能なディエンファシス回路(50/75 µs)
  • 適応ノイズ抑制
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