Si1171G2 および Si1175G2 評価キット


The Si117x evaluation boards are a great way to experiment with sensor configurations and understand how they affect performance and power with a real time GUI for viewing signals.

The Si117xG2-KIT is useful during your own application development as a reference for expected behavior and performance. These kits lack the full mechanical overlay design of the wearable demo and are intended for development and not dynamic motion testing. The Si117xG2-KIT comes with the Si117x/8x GUI which supports easy sensor configuration, real time waveform viewing, data export, and sample code generation.

The Si117xG2-KIT connects to a Silicon Labs Starter Kit as the Host MCU and is compatible with the Pearl Gecko STK and the Mighty Gecko Starter Kit.

購入情報:資格を有するお客様(NDA が必要)は数量限定でご購入いただけます。


Si117xG2-KIT Evaluation Kit Hardware and Software Features

Evaluation Kit Contents

  • Si117xG2 評価ボード
  • Sensor adapter EXP board
  • Ribbon cable
  • Velcro Wrist Band
  • Si117x スタート・ガイド・カード

Evaluation Kit Features

  • GUI for configuring Si117x/8x registers
  • Real time waveform viewer
  • Raw data export capabilities
  • Ability to save and load configurations
  • Schematic, layout, and BOM for the evaluation kit
  • Code generation for rapid embedded development

Si117xG2-KIT 評価キットのリソース


Si117x/8x 評価キット・ユーザーガイド


Si117x/Si118x GUI

GUI for configuring and viewing the Si117x/8x Evaluation Kit


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