Si2165 デモジュレータ(DVB-T/C)

Si2165 digital TV demodulators are the most compact, lowest power and highest performance combo demodulator solutions for DVB-T/H, DVB-T/C/H (fixed reception for DVB-H). Si2165 demodulators are ideal for equipment receiving digital terrestrial and/or cable services, including Free-to-Air (FtA) or pay-TV set top box receivers, iDTVs, PC-TV cards, DVD/HDD personal video recorders, portable media players, portable DVD players, digital picture frames and automotive receivers.

The analog front-end consists of two ADCs with wide dynamic range (12-bit) to allow operation with standard IF (~36 MHz), low-IF or zero-IF inputs, enabling the use of Si2165 with any TV tuner, either metal can or silicon tuner based. In addition to DVB-T's 2 K and 8 K FFT modes, Si2165 devices include a 4 K FFT mode, “native” and “in-depth” deinterleavers and extended TPS to be compliant with DVB-H (EN 300 744 Annex F), allowing it to receive DVB-H programs in fixed receiver applications (without decoding DVB-H's additional MPE FEC layer). Si2165 devices are pin-for-pin compatible and support all modes of DVB-T (EN 300 744), including hierarchical modes, and ITU J.83 annex A/C and DVB-C (EN 300 429), including a user-configurable 31-tap equalizer. With its minimal BOM and very small package footprint (5 x 6 mm, 36-pin QFN), Si2165 guarantees a low-cost system implementation. When Si2165 demodulators are paird with the Si217x hybrid TV tuner, a complete hybrid PAL/SECAM and DVB-T/C receiver (NIM or on-board) is provided.

5 x 6 mm
Simplest PCB-design
Lowest BoM

Si2165 共通仕様

  • DVB-T (ETSI EN 300 744)デモジュレータ & FEC デコーダ
  • 固定レシーバで DVB-H 受信(アネックス F)
  • ITU J.83 Annex A/C および DVB-C(EN 300 429)準拠のデモジュレータ & FEC デコーダ(Si2165)
  • NorDig 統一 1.0.3、D-Book & C-Book 準拠
  • Suitable for low-power design: 130 mW(標準、36 MHz IF サンプリング・モード)
  • 独立した AGC コントロール(RF と IF 用)および RSSI 測定
  • ACI フィルタリング:7 MHz チャンネルにも固定 8 MHz SAW フィルタ
  • SFN ネットワーク用の高度な性能
  • インパルス・ノイズ保護アルゴリズム
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DVB-T/C デジタル・デモジュレータ QFN36 5 x 6

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